REFLECTOR product details:


Gold side:

1.make soft and warm tone.
2.Decrease the exposal from background to foreground.
3.Produce a more nature effect when backlighting.
(It is very helpful on sunset,portraits and any desired photo under soft and warm backgroud.)

Silver side:
1.Make cold tone and a more bright effect.

2.Provide a sharp contrast light.
3.Highlight the fine surface texture and improve color saturation.
4.Under the cloudy sky,it is better than the white side.
(It is helpful for still life,video,product shots and B&W photography.)

White side:
1.Make a very soft and natural effect.
2.Provide light to reduce shadow.
(Good to reduce shadow like the window lighting indoors and outdoors for portraits and so on)

Black side:
Absorb unwanted light.
(It is helpful for reducing the head light under sharp sunshine outdoors,excellent for portraiture.)

Translucent side:
1.For shoot through position photograph>
2.Trail off the sharp light to make the light more soft and reduce the light and shade contrast.
(Excellent for outdoor portraits or whenever softer light is needed)



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